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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Fundraising and Training Update - Week of May 27th

So much to talk about this week! Best week of fundraising in quite some time, thanks to a very generous group of old friends. Exciting fund-raising events coming up this week as well! More after the break...


First off, fundraising highlights and shout-outs!

  • We raised $580 last week! This was our second-biggest fundraising week of the year. That brings us to $3,370 raised - 67% of my goal of $5,000. THANK YOU!
  • Received another "blue bird" donation from an old friend, Edam Lozano. Thanks Edam, glad to have you aboard! (blue bird donations are donations from folks who are new to my donor list, or from an unexpected source...)
  • My friend Dave Slocum organized a charity golf scramble on Saturday, June 1st that pulled in an amazing $430! More on that event later...
  • We ramped up for the big fundraiser at Wiseguy Pizza Pie on Monday, June 3rd. Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, random strangers! Hope to see you there!
So, more about the golf friend Dave organized a day of golf and fundraising at the Boise Ranch golf course on Saturday. Dave requested a $50 minimum donation per golfer, and those guys came through for me big-time. We had eight golfers total, and two scramble teams. Here's the group, minus Paul Bolick, who had to leave at the turn.

From left to right: Tony, Matt, Chuck, Dave, Dan, Me, Greg
I'm a lousy golfer, but this was the most fun I've had golfing in quite a while. Thankfully, Matt and Tony carried our team most of the day with their drives and approach shots - and Greg knocked down putt after putt. I just knocked down beer after beer and tried not to embarrass myself too much...

The second-place team!
Our team struggled a bit on the back nine, but we held on for a solid second-place showing. And yes, I did mention we only had two teams :) Maybe the most competitive part of the day was the debate over whether my new hair "style" makes me look more like Ellen Degeneres or Rikki Rockett from Poison. Uhh...I guess I'd have to go with Ellen.

Hair Models...
When all was said and done, those men had stepped up and contributed a total of $430 dollars for Bike MS! Fundraising needed a boost in a big way, and they delivered. THANK YOU to each and every one of you, especially Dave for having this great idea and for organizing the event. And thanks also to my friend Jody Terrill, who was not able to golf with us on Saturday, but stopped by before the event to drop off a check - and to Tony, who made sure I got home safely that night. And by the way, I had a blast, and can't wait to see you fellas again.

And lastly...I hope you guys know how much I and my family appreciate your giving!


Oh, and training...had three great rides this week, with a lot of climbing. And, I continued strength training at A2O Fitness as well. As always, please check out the Strava "widget" on the right-hand side of this blog for more details about all of my training rides. I'm still not where I need to be for weekly mileage, but I'm getting there. This weekend (June 8th) we have the Bob LeBow Bike Tour -  several members of Team WinCo are participating - me, Doug, Greg, Steve, and Kathleen. And I believe most of us are riding the 100 mile route. This will be by far my longest ride of the year, and will be a great indicator of how ready I am for Bike MS.

Okay...onward and upward! Time to focus on the Wiseguy Pizza Pie fundraiser - I'll be live tweeting from the event (when I'm not busing and cleaning tables...) At least I think I'll be live tweeting - once I figure out what that means exactly, and how to do it :) Hope to see you on Monday, June 3rd for a great evening in downtown Boise!

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