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Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 4 Fundraising Update

Week 4 of Bike MS fundraising update: slow, but steady. We're at $1,805, or 36% of my goal of $5,000. Thanks everyone! Details after the jump...

Fundraising continues to be relatively slow, but steady. With about 11 weeks of fundraising left before Bike MS, we're at 36% of our initial goal of $5,000.

There were some good and interesting things that happened last week - first off, every donor last week was named Jason! And, it's good that donations are trickling in - I've yet to have a $0 week. Last year, by this time, I'd had my first $0 fundraising week.

Compared to last year's fundraising, we're still lagging - 45% down in terms of dollars, and 58% down in terms of numbers of donors. I think the earlier date for the bike ride this year may be affecting fundraising - there is a lot of competition for mind-share with other Spring activities. I know that I've felt extremely busy and have found it difficult to focus the amount of time needed on fundraising activities.

I do believe we will see a surge in May and June - I've heard from a lot of folks who intend to donate. I am still confident that we will not only beat this initial fundraising goal, but blow it out of the water. Here's to a great Week 5!

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