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Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Classes and Training Session at A2O Fitness!

My new friend Jennifer Ludington, Owner and Chief Fitness Officer at A2O Fitness in Boise, has stepped up this week to help with Bike MS fundraising! Jennifer has graciously donated free passes for Tabata classes, and a free training session with kettleball expert Jimmi Stanton...details after the break!

Anyone who donates through the end of the week (Sunday, May 26th) will be entered into a drawing for a free Tabata class, or a free training session with Jimmi Stanton - kettleball expert, with "...a 20+ year history of throwing around heavy things made of metal!"

I've never been to a Tabata class, but they sound awesome, and right up my alley - high-intensity intervals with body-weight exercises, among other things. I do know Jimmi, and have been through a couple of sessions with him last week, and they have been great - very educational, and awesome workouts.

Just to give you a quick overview of what I've been doing with Jimmi so far...we've been focusing on "functional strength" with kettleballs and body weight exercises, and I've learned quite a bit already. We tore through a killer workout last Thursday...
  • A quick 5 minute warm-up of kettleball swings
  • 25 minutes of the following "push-pull" circuit: 8 body weight squats, 8 kettleball swings, 6 pushups, 6 pullups.
  • Stretching and more instruction on some foundational kettleball movements
Jimmi will work with you to make sure that you get the absolute most out of your session. You'll walk out of there having gotten a great workout, and I'm sure you'll have lots of great new ideas to incorporate into your current routine. Or, if you don't have a current routine, I bet that you'll be fired up to start one!

I think this is the coolest donor incentive I've been able to offer since I've been doing Bike MS. If you've been thinking about making a donation, I'd encourage you to get in on this drawing! As always, you can click on the top banner or the progress bar (on the right) to donate. Or, you can just follow this link...

Thanks so much Jennifer!

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