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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekly Fundraising and Training Update

What a nice fundraising week! Several of my friends stepped up for National Fundraising Challenge Week (May 13-19) and I got some "interesting" training in as well. Details after the break...

Highlights and "shout-outs" for the week of May 13th...
  • We're now up to $2,790, against our goal of $5,000. A long way to go, but great progress last week.
  • Thank you Carol Peterson for breaking a 13 day fundraising slump with a nice donation on Thursday!
  • Thank you to Denise Stendera, Teresa Reed, and Cheryl Bloom for rounding out the week!
Thank you all for the support last week!

Carol and Denise have supported this ride for the last two years, and their support again this year means a lot. Denise is also a special supporter - she is one of the small number of friends who had the opportunity to meet my brother Rick, fairly early in his fight against MS. 

My friends Denise and Tammy (another two-year Bike MS supporter!) had made a trip to Missoula with me a number of years ago when I purchased Rick's old pickup. They joined us at Rick's house for a barbecue, and it was memorable for a couple of reasons. One, we had a great time. Two, it was one of the first times that I had seen Rick using a walker, and he could not navigate the steps on his back porch without assistance. Shortly thereafter, some friends of his built a handicapped ramp built on to the back of his house, and that made his life a bit easier. But, that weekend was one of those "milestone" weekends that I'll never forget.

Training wise - I had a few nice bike rides. It was National Bike to Work Week, and I realized that you can put on a lot of cycling miles just by riding your bike for all of  your daily errands. I had two days of 23+ miles just by bike commuting. I also finished my last running event of the Spring, the YMCA Famous Potato Marathon. I'm sure glad that's over, it was a tough one. I was not very happy with my time, and my feet took a real pounding on the asphalt and pavement on the Boise greenbelt. Very happy to be able to focus exclusively on cycling now!

Looking ahead to this week - we have two exciting events coming up!

First, I should pass 1,000 miles combined running and cycling for the year. As of this morning, I'm sitting at 572 cycling miles and 400 running miles. As we approach Bike MS, I should be up to at least 500 miles of cycling per month.

And, we have a very exciting giveaway this week to a couple of lucky donors! This one is so big, I'm going to have to write a separate blog post for it. Stay tuned for more news on this later today.

Thanks again, everyone, for making last week a fantastic week! Let's keep it going now!

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